We meet again.

My life (much like the face of my blog actually) is currently under construction. And well, when you’re not sure what to say I find it best not to say anything at all…so I haven’t for quite some time. A little hiatus is always good for the soul. But at some point you have to crawl out from under that rock, put on your big girl panties and start taking on the world again.


                                   So here I am. Back in action.

This is my official coming out…from under the rock post (sorry I couldn’t resist).

If that was vague then mission accomplished.

Even if I could find an appropriate way to put everything into words I’m not sure I want to. I mean this IS the internet, people. Once you write it you can’t neva take it back.

One thing I won’t keep quiet about though is the Lord’s goodness because His promises are true. I know this full well!

I know for a fact that when we are weak, He is strong and when we are brokenhearted, He comes close. So close that your heart stills and your mind rests and you know you are experiencing a peace that can only come from Him. Because when you are walking through what seems like the most difficult trial of your life the smallest amount of peace doesn’t really make sense. And so I wake up everyday, tie my tennis shoes tight, channel my inner James, and do my best to consider this test of faith as pure joy because the race of perseverance is one I’m willing to run if Jesus’ fingers are interlocked with mine. And you betta belieeeeve there will be a victory in the end because the God of peace doesn’t do second place.

I mean…duh. He’s God.

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